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We have F1-F3 Savannah Kittens for quality homes.

Fifty ~ 62.5% F1 Savannah kitten image

First class feline enclosures for the best quality of life.


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Who are we?

My name is Valerie of ProSavannahs. I was raised in Africa and had a childhood of up close and personal experiences with wild and exotic cats. Although now a physician by education, my love of cats is still a very special part of my life. I have raised and breed African Servals, Savannahs, Bobcats, Mountain lions, Bengals and Main Coons. This is a hobby for me and only a few kittens are offered for sale each year to help cover expenses.


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Males & Females

ProSavannahs wonderful F1 Savannah female, F2 Savannah females and stud males! Shown on right is our gorgeous F1 Savannah queen.

Our adult cats

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F1 Savannahs

Serval x Savannah

  • 50% - 75% Exotic linage
  • Extremely exotic looking
  • Largest generation
  • Highest in extra energy

VERY limited

F3 Savannahs

F2 Savannah x Savannah

  • 12-20% Exotic linage
  • Exotic looking
  • Top choice for families


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With over 30 years experience my focus is on the quality of my cats lives. Looking for the best homes for kittens to live out their wonderful lives. Our cats are treated to overly large enclosures, which they are certainly should have

Valarie ~ Cat breeder, owner of ProSavannahs